Review: Makeup Eraser


So I’ve had this product for a few weeks and have just gotten around to trying it out.  It’s a soft, pink cloth that claims to be able to remove 100% of makeup with just water.  At first I was pretty skeptical but after trying it out, I’m happy to say that it actually works!  I did a test where I applied a few layers of products to my face and heavy eye makeup and this cloth was able to remove everything without any problems.

It’s really easy to use, gentle on the skin, and makes makeup removal a breeze.  All you do is drench the Makeup Eraser in warm water then start to rub off your makeup in circular motions.  You can then flip the Eraser over to the long nap side to exfoliate.  The Makeup Eraser can then be washed as needed–it’s washer and dryer friendly.  I definitely recommend this product because it will save you tons of money on makeup remover and cotton pads and it’s good for your skin since you’re just using water and no chemicals.

Front side used for removing makeup (Without flash)
Front side used for removing makeup (With flash)
Back side used for exfoliating (Without flash)
(With flash)



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