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Review: Gerard Cosmetics Star Powders

From left to right: Audrey, Lucy, and Marilyn


If you’re anything like me, you love a good  highlighter.  I’m particularly obsessed with shimmery ones.  Gerard Cosmetics has recently launched three beautiful skin highlighters which they call Star Powders.  They are made in the USA and each contain 12 grams of product.  Ingredients include mica, jojoba oil, magnesium stearate, and kaolin.  The packaging also states that they may contain iron oxides, and titanium dioxides.  Star Powders come in three different shades: Audrey, Lucy, and Marilyn.  Use the code cassie for 25% off of everything on Gerard Cosmetics and Whitening Lightning.

  • Audrey is described as a warm champagne gold that is reflective and high shine.
  • Lucy is described as a rosy highlight with a hint of golden shimmer.
  • Marilyn is described as a golden luminous powder.

Each Star Powder is extremely gorgeous and has an excellent sheen.  I love the fact that there are three completely different shades for light, medium, and dark skin tones.  They are also long-wearing.  I applied Audrey to my cheek bones and down the bridge of my nose before work–around 6:30 a.m.– and it was still going strong when I took off my makeup around 10:00 p.m.

Overall, I’m really impressed with these highlighters.  Out of the three shades, Audrey is definitely my favorite just because it’s the lightest and most flattering on my light to medium skin tone.  It’s a champagne tone which is usually the type of highlight I gravitate toward.

Swatches from left to right: Marilyn, Lucy, and Audrey (With flash)
Swatches from left to right: Marilyn, Lucy, and Audrey (Without flash)
Swatches from left to right: Marilyn, Lucy, and Audrey (Without flash)

Review and Swatches of Whitening Lightning Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Glosses


If you watch YouTube beauty videos or follow beauty bloggers on Instagram you may have heard of Whitening Lightning.  It’s a teeth whitening company that also sells beauty products.  I have a number of Whitening Lightning Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Glosses and I must say I really do love them.  They’re lip glosses that incorporate an LED light and a mirror.  At first they sounded quite gimmicky.  But truthfully, the glosses are really opaque and beautiful.  The mirror and LED light also come in handy if you’re out at night.

The Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Glosses are packaged in a rectangular tube which I like because they don’t roll around and fall off flat surfaces.  On one side of the gloss is a mirror, which comes with a sheet of plastic that you have to remove before you can use it.  The mirror isn’t the best quality but it does the job.  You do have to be careful not to scratch it up though.  If you’re like me and carry around a ton of lip glosses and other makeup products I recommend storing your Color Your Smile Lip Gloss in a part of your purse that doesn’t have a million other things that can rub against it and damage the mirror.


When you open the gloss you’ll find an LED light built into the wand.  The LED light turns off after you insert the wand back into the packaging and twist it to close it.  It’s perfect if you’re at a club or party and it’s dark out.  The glosses also have a doe foot applicator, which is my favorite because it applies the product the easiest in my opinion.



I have a total of 16 colors, which I have swatched in indoor light with no flash and then with flash.

From top to bottom: Crystal, Nude, Butter Cream, Sugar Mama, Coral Craze, Pink Tiara, Fiji, and Raspberry Sherbet (No flash)
(With flash)
  • Crystal is a shimmery nude that’s perfect for dabbing in the center of your lips to highlight them and make them appear more plump.
  • Nude is exactly what it sounds like, a gorgeous nude with no shimmer.  I love this gloss alone or topped over a nude lipstick.  It’s even awesome over lipsticks that you want to tone down.
  • Butter Cream is a pink-y nude with no shimmer.  This gloss is also beautiful over nude lipsticks as well as pink ones.
  • Sugar Mama is a very milky pink shade with no shimmer.  It’s not the most flattering shade on me but it’s nice over nude lipsticks.
  • Coral Craze is another one of my favorites.  It’s a milky coral with no shimmer and it’s beautiful alone or paired with a coral lipstick.  I wore this one non-stop this past Summer.
  • Pink Tiara is a light warm pink with no shimmer.
  • Fiji is light cool toned pink with no shimmer.
  • Raspberry Sherbet is a darker cool toned hot pink.  This shade is perfect for bright summer lips.
From top to bottom: Salmon, Pouty Princess, Rose Hill, Summer Sun, Candy Apple, Jewel, Seduction, and Bermuda (No flash)
(With flash)
(With flash)
  • Salmon is a deeper coral than Coral Craze and has no shimmer as well.  This shade is another great one for the summer months.
  • Pouty Princess is a shimmery berry pink shade.
  • Rose Hill is a beautiful rose shade with no shimmer.
  • Summer Sun is a gorgeous bright orange shade without shimmer.
  • Candy Apple is the perfect red with no shimmer.
  • Jewel is a dark berry shade with slight shimmer.
  • Seduction is a super dark borderline black shade without shimmer.  It’s perfect for Fall and Winter.  I would probably use this gloss over a lipstick though just because it can look a little patchy on its own.
  • Bermuda is a pastel purple shade with no shimmer.  It’s not a shade I would probably ever wear in public unless I was going to a Halloween party or something like that.

Overall, I’m really impressed with these glosses.  They aren’t sticky yet they last on the lips.  They also have amazing pigmentation.

**I have a coupon code for anyone interested in purchasing the Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Glosses or any of Whitening Lightning’s other products.  Use the code cassie for 25% off of everything on Whitening Lightning and Gerard Cosmetics.